The FASH-GLAM Bollywood…!!


Fashion has no boundaries. It’s the sublime that turn out to be very unique and thus making the Fash-Glam limitless.

Fash-Glam, is what I have defined as The Fashion&Glamour stories of Bollywood!!

The Fash-Glam stories gives an edge to the Indian Fashion Industry. This can be seen in all the Gala Shows, Fashion Shows and of course movies!

Here are some of the off the beat looks that took away everyone’s eye!


Our favorite Priyanka Chopra looked stunning in this Ralph Lauren trench gown on the MET Gala 2017. She was very excited for the day and was completely overwhelmed by the grace and sophistication she received. Bollywood Fashion is all about Dramatic looks that these stars carry. This elongated trench coat gown looked absolutely marvellous and emerged as a new and sporty sense of fashion. Priyanka Chopra took it well with the light brown color lipstick and silver earrings which added extra flavors to her looks.

This stylish and confident look is smitten by Bollywood.Well, It was a Wow look for me on the very moment I saw this picture. Walking down the red carpet with this boldness is what really mixed my excitement with overwhelm.


Beautiful Deepika Padukone, a versatile actor of Indian Bollywood marked it all that evening. She looked angelic in this Tommy Hilfiger satin slip gown at MET Gala 2017.Her look was just simple, sleek and stylish. The way Deepika has defined beauty and elegance can be seen from her edgy looks.

I just can’t get over these shining silver earrings and the star shaped hair accessory which has been used to put to give extra glittering effects on her dress. She really looked like a white princess on that evening.

Bollywood is not just about glamour , it is a place where the Indian Fashion has taken birth and given life to the creatures that exist on it and finally built the Fash-Glam stories of Bollywood.





The Alia Bhatt style..!!

The girl next door…

Who is so young, the cutest of all, the favorite of all and the follower of almost every girl in India. It’s the Alia Bhatt. Alia Bhatt is one among the most stylish and trendy actress in Indian Bollywood¬†these days. Her innate looks suit every kind of attire from traditional to western that’s why she is the favorite of all. ūüėČ

Alia Bhatt’s latest Badrinath ki Dulhania has shown her as a typical Indian girl who dreams big and fulfills it. She has been seen in many new looks which are the best and the latest in Tinseltown. She has been shown wearing those pretty designer blouses with lehenga, those traditional modernistic jackets, that blushing look and her long bottom curly hair. These looks attracted young girls to go and buy such particular outfits…like I did!!!

Whoooo…that’s sound exciting!!!

Here are some of the looks of Alia Bhatt (Badrinath ki Dulhania)which made her darling of Bollywood.

Well..I know many boys just flaunted on her sexy dance moves..;) while girls just grooved over her designer yellow mirror work blouse and lehenga. This style of the blouse has been taken up by many girls in the form of gowns, top, blouses, and Kurtis as it gives that attractive and shiny look.

By the way, mirror work is very in these should definitely go and try out.


Tamma..tamma..The latest party song these days!! The way Alia Bhatt took the moves in her sexy black sequin top with this bohemian jacket on the black jeans…caught eyes of many. This gave her a stunning look. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Girls who are fashion freak should try this out in the parties and make edgier¬†look by wearing a black or golden stiletto to let the Tamma¬†Tamma begin..!!


So mind blowing look. I just loved her black and pink lehenga which gave her sultry look. This voguish look wooed many girls and I am sure I am going to buy and wear such kind of graceful outfit in one of the cousins’ weddings. This heavy blouse completed her looks with a beautiful pair of pearl earrings and gave a sexy bridesmaid look to her.

Fashion breakdown A glimpse of Alia Bhatt's looks in Badrinath Ki Dulhania (9)

Well, I just admired her bohemian jackets all the time. This look of Alia Bhatt was one of my favorite..!! She looked very pretty and cute in this blue and red mirror work bohemian. Her blush makeup is definitely thumbs up for Alia Bhatt. This entire look in the picture is just going well on her..;)

Bohemian Jackets is very chic these days. I really liked its style on any outfit like suits, jeans, kurtas worn over the tops ( a full sleeve or cut sleeve ). It really gives a stunning look and you can wear it in any event like a wedding party, a dance party, or on a casual day. I am sure all the girls out here who are fashion freak and follow such latest fashion trends would surely get bowled over these bohemians like I got..;)



Jewelry completes you!!


The Wedding is the most precious and beautiful part of one’s life. Every girl finds her soulmate and waits for her D-Day. What’s a wedding without shopping? And that too jewelry!

Every girl would like to get attention at her wedding by wearing some attractive attire. Indian wedding are larger than life celebrations, which witnesses brides flaunting their best looks.

Wedding jewelry makes a girl ,exquisite and unique on her wedding day. Beautiful jewelry completes a bride’s look and leaves the friends and family mesmerized.


For all those brides-to-be,choosing the right jewelry according to your dress (lehenga or saree) is very essential.The traditional and heavy jewelry sparkle and attracts those eyes.

Every Indian girl knows that wearing traditional clothes is an incomplete act without traditional jewelry.

You can buy a wide range of bridal jewelry according to your wedding trousseau that can make you look like a goddess on your D-Day. From Traditional jewelry, heavy bridal jewelry,designer earrings to heavy anklets for wedding, all you can find that suits you and give you that impeccable look! 

¬†Astounding Wedding ensembles this season would definitely steal away everyone’s eyes.

So all the brides-to-be, get ready for holding your dupatta and for carrying your jewelry looks this wedding season.

Jewelry reflects the complete attire of a perfect bride. Well, every girl loves to wear a heavy gold or diamond jewels on her D-Day. So a shimmering lehenga with the traditional jewelry set completes a girl’s wish to make her unique from others.

I feel that every girl’s wish could be fulfilled by having a beautiful wedding collection to flaunt their bridal looks. Kadas, maang tikkas, earrings, and complete jewelry set all makes an effort for her to look at her best and gives her that pretty smile..!!


Ladies, Now the time has arrived, it is always essential to choose the best of the best when it comes to wedding jewelry. By this, we mean to choose the right heavy jewelry and prepare yourself to be the center of attraction.

Get that sultry looks by wearing golden jewelry and shine with that heavy jewelry, this wedding season. Graceful and pretty wedding jewelry offered by our big Indian Jewelers will surely go with your bridal lehenga.

It’s a dream of every girl to have an unbelievable astounding bridal attire and yes every girl should find ways to adopt the latest trends of the market which will differentiate her from other brides and make her more beautiful..

A wedding day- Wedding dress and Jewelry both must reflect the personality and style of the bride.



Daily Prompt: Construct

via Daily Prompt: Construct

CURLY HAIR makes you go curl..woo-hoo!! ūüėČ

Seems like these days every girl desires something different in her looks. Be it her dresses, her accessories, her footwear and of course her hair. All the college going girls want to look pretty and the young brides want to look beautiful.

Well, I am sure hair do play a very bright role in one’s beauty. Girls!! Now the time has arrived to beautify yourself by going with curls that can suit you in any form of your style like western, Indian or casuals.

The time is perfect for you so just grab it and make the most of it. You can get this look simply by using your curl machine which can just change your looks in 15 minutes and for  girls who are set out for a date/wedding functions , can get this look from a hair stylist.

Weddings are on the way. Most of us have either a friend or family member who is set for marriage. And everyone seems super excited. Girls, especially they just want to look like queens. Be it lehengas, suits or saree, Curls will definitely add flavors on  your looks.

Lower half curls really look¬†gorgeous , especially girls with long hair , this look will go for the wedding ceremony. You can also opt for twisted curls from the bottom with a cocktail dress , this look will go for a perfect date. ūüėČ

So just have a look on my curled hair which made me go curl!! woo-hoo..!!






A new tale of Fashion

Fashion is about something that comes from within you.”¬†

This is the Fashion mantra that I follow!

A new tale of Fashion has begun.

Fashion is vibrant. It is a tale that comes from inside you. Fashion is endless , it is a mixture of different culture. Nobody can define fashion.It is you only who can set it.

Yes! You are reading the right thing. I think every girl, guy, a kid in this world wants to follow fashion.Maybe youngsters going to work, or college going girls and guys or going to any party, You head fashion and take it to the right direction!

Well, Introducing myself ..I am Anushree Khandelwal,  MBA Student who likes exploring new trends and set a tale for myself . I am a complete fashion freak and gets excited whenever that fashion instinct comes inside me. For me, Fashion is boundless,eternal and a tale. A Tale that lasts forever and forever inside us.

I am a budding Fashion blogger and is ready to tell and excite all the youngsters with my definition of Fashion!