The FASH-GLAM Bollywood…!!


Fashion has no boundaries. It’s the sublime that turn out to be very unique and thus making the Fash-Glam limitless.

Fash-Glam, is what I have defined as The Fashion&Glamour stories of Bollywood!!

The Fash-Glam stories gives an edge to the Indian Fashion Industry. This can be seen in all the Gala Shows, Fashion Shows and of course movies!

Here are some of the off the beat looks that took away everyone’s eye!


Our favorite Priyanka Chopra looked stunning in this Ralph Lauren trench gown on the MET Gala 2017. She was very excited for the day and was completely overwhelmed by the grace and sophistication she received. Bollywood Fashion is all about Dramatic looks that these stars carry. This elongated trench coat gown looked absolutely marvellous and emerged as a new and sporty sense of fashion. Priyanka Chopra took it well with the light brown color lipstick and silver earrings which added extra flavors to her looks.

This stylish and confident look is smitten by Bollywood.Well, It was a Wow look for me on the very moment I saw this picture. Walking down the red carpet with this boldness is what really mixed my excitement with overwhelm.


Beautiful Deepika Padukone, a versatile actor of Indian Bollywood marked it all that evening. She looked angelic in this Tommy Hilfiger satin slip gown at MET Gala 2017.Her look was just simple, sleek and stylish. The way Deepika has defined beauty and elegance can be seen from her edgy looks.

I just can’t get over these shining silver earrings and the star shaped hair accessory which has been used to put to give extra glittering effects on her dress. She really looked like a white princess on that evening.

Bollywood is not just about glamour , it is a place where the Indian Fashion has taken birth and given life to the creatures that exist on it and finally built the Fash-Glam stories of Bollywood.





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